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The Most Adorable Yorkshire Terriers. Proudly South African!

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15 Years of Yorkshire Terrier Experience 

Established in 2005, Karmic Breeders has come a long way with Yorkshire Terriers. Initially the idea was to have only one little Yorkie, just as a loving pet, little did we know this was the start of something amazing. Mickey, the owner here at Karmic Breeders, grew so very fond of the little guy that she just had to have more. As time went on, Mickey's love grew stronger for the Yorkshire Terrier breed, as did her Yorkie entourage. From then on the path was clear, she had to share this love she had with the world. She wanted people from everywhere in the world to share the same experience of love and happiness that her Yorkies brought her; and so Karmic Breeders/Karmic Yorkshire Terriers was born.

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Crazy over Yorkies!

Having to know absolutely everything about the Yorkshire Terrier, Mickey enrolled with Hill's in order to further her knowledge about the Yorkshire Terrier, which it most certainly did. And now Mickey sits with a large facility that is well-kept and maintained on the daily—only the best for her Yorkshire Terriers. Not only does Karmic have Traditional Yorkshire Terriers to offer, but all their variations too, such as the adorable Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier, the stunning Sabel Yorkshire Terrier, the highly valued Gold Yorkshire Terrier and... Exotic breeds such as the Adda Yorkshire Terrier, the Biro Yorkshire Terrier, the beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and the Merle Yorkshire Terrier.

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The Wall of Love

"Zoey arrived safely in Dubai and is living the best doggy life ever ♥😊"

Chanel Swart

"I was totally blown away with Karmic Pets exceptional service. They went above and beyond to help me get over every opstical to get my yorkie baby home to Namibia. Thank you Micky I will definatelly support you again in the future."

Juanita Birch

"Mickey, your little Miss Domino is absolutely adorable. She is to die for!! All of your Yorkies are healthy and beautiful! You have a great reputation for your Yorkies, especially here in the USA. People here are proud to tell everyone that they own one of your Pups. Karmic Yorkies rock!"

Donna Shelleman-Slick

"We got our Luca bear here and he is just the most beautiful soft soul. Lovely coloring and the best pet anyone could ask for. Just love him to pieces. The overall experience was great too."

Keisha Parker

“Karmic is wonderful with our babies. They loved it and were spoiled with attention. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you give our precious angels😘"

Ildiko van der Berg

"I bought my AXL from Mickey. He has such a lovely personality and follows me like a shadow. I will recommend Karmic Pets to everyone"

Lorraine Elizabeth Scheepers

“Thank Mickey for our beautiful second little yorkie pup… Marley… We cannot express how grateful we are. Your generosity and kindness will always be remembered."

Nicola Tait

"Very Beautiful adults! Your pups are the BEST! Your various colors you have to offer are extraordinarily beautiful! Beautifully done! Thank you for inviting me.!! Love karmic pets"

Donna Shelleman-Slick