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Half the Dog, Twice the Heart

All Yorkie puppies that grow up at Karmic are healthy and socialized. They’re ready to bring a new family dynamic to your home, and most importantly, huge amount of love and laughter. Take a look at our cute Yorkshire Terrier puppies and fall in love. Us ethe enquiry form if you see a puppy you love to book.


Learn more about Yorkie coat and eye colours

Coat Colours

Traditional Coat

This is the most well known colour combination on Yorkshire Terriers. It mainly consists of deep blacks and beautiful golden browns. As part of the Traditional coat, you also get a Steel Blue variation where the blacks become a silver grey and get slightly lighter tans. 

Traditionals will also generally have a standard variation of eyes, being either brown or blackand their noses will also be black.


Chocolate Coat

There are two variations when it comes to the Chocolate coat; your standard brown, whick resembles a delicious chocolate colour, and a dark chocolate variation which is darker and may show less or no tan colouring in the face.

The eyes on can be either black, brown or hazel and they will have brown noses.


Gold Coat

An exceptionally beautiful coat. The golden coat can vary in shades from a more platinum look to deeper gold tones. There is a variation where you will find mixing of white and gold in the coat, this is reffered to as the Golddust variation.

All the gold variations can have either black, brown or hazel eyes and sometimes can have variations of blue (See Eye Variations). They usually have a brown nose but isn’t rare if the nose is black. 


Sable Coat

With a mixture of different browns and golden tan all in one coat, the Sable (Ocean Pearl) coat is unique and eye catching. You also get the White Ocean Pearl coat which adds a brilliant white into the mix.

Both the variations either have brown, black or hazel eye colour. They most commonly have black noses but can occasionally have a brown nose.


Biewer Coat

The Biewer coat is quite similar to the traditional coat in the sense that it has the blacks and tans, but in a Biewer you’ll find white mixed in on the body and on the tip of the tail. A biewer always has tan in the face.

They can have either black, brown and hazel eyes. It’s not unheard of to have a biewer with  diamond point or blue diamond eyes


Biro Coat

This is the ‘Top Deck’ of Yorkies, with a white and chocolate brown coat.

They can have black,brown or hazel eyes. They are also rarely known to have blue eyes. Their noses are brown in colour.


Merle Coat

The merle coat is a pattern coat more than a specific colour. It can be easily identified as mottled patches on a base coat. You can get:

• Blue Merle: This is a modified traditional coat with different shades of the base coat to create  the merle pattern.
• Red Merle: This is a modification of the sable coat with different shadesto create the merle pattern.
• Chocolate Merle:  This is a modified chocolate coat with different shades to create the merle pattern.
• Gold Merle:  This is a modified gold coat with a merle pattern which usually has different shades of gold. It is sometimes difficult to spot the merle pattern in gold yorkies but can be easily identified if a variation of the blue eye is present.
• Blueberry: This variation has a base coat of white, similar to a biewer, but with different shades of black to create the merle pattern.
• Chocoberry: This variation is similar to the blueberry except the blacks are exchanged for browns and shades of chocolate to create the merle pattern.
• Mulberry: This is a modified sable coat with white and merle pattern.
• Goldberry: This is variation of the white coat with gold creating the merle pattern. As with the gold merle, this is sometimes difficult to see.


Standard Eyes

The Yorkies standard eye colour can range between either:
• Black
• Brown
• Hazel


Diamond Point Eyes

The Diamond point eye is when you find sections or specks of blue present in the iris of the eye mixed in with the standard eye colour. This is most commonly seen in the merle variations of the coat.


Blue Diamond Eyes

Blue Diamond eyes, the rarest eye colour in Yorkies, have either one or both eyes that are completely blue.  This is most commonly seen in the merle variations of the coat.
One blue eye is rare, two is even more rare.


Registration Info & Transfers

All our puppies as well as adult dogs are currently being registered for lineage at the Global Exotic Animal Registry (GEAR) 
All transfers of ownership can be done through GEAR.